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Solid bulk – Tipper trucks

Do you need to transport bulk products?

Whether your goods come from the manufacturing, agri-food or recycling industries, SELI adapts to your specific needs in terms of bulk logistics

  • Deadline and schedule,
  • Safety and cleanliness,
  • A flexible fleet to take into account your changing loads and schedules,
  • Flexibility when your transport flows vary.

A single contact person will optimize your logistics and manage your requests in a professional and responsive manner. We can implement multi-modal solutions when beneficial to your transport flows.

Our expertise gives you access to the best price for your bulk road transport solutions.

Notre expertise vous permet d’accéder au meilleur prix pour vos solutions en transport routier de marchandises vrac benne.

Recovery and recycling activities require optimized logistics management as well as dedicated expertise:

  • We transport your materials such as household glass, cullet, tires, wood, paper, scrap, batteries, metals, sludge, etc., while respecting your schedule to guarantee your productivity.
  • We are leaders in the transport of household glass and cullet. Conscious of the requirements inherent in this specific sector, we take great care in ensuring our tipper trucks are perfectly clean. Our drivers, aware of these issues,make sure that their vehicles are properly cleaned and washed.
  • We are involved in the remediation of industrial sites and land by removing contaminated soil within short periods of time through the mobilization of a large vehicle fleet.
  • Our transports strictly comply with the safety guidelines and tonnages permitted by law.
  • We have all the necessary hazardous and non-hazardous waste transport authorizations across all European Community countries. (NIWO, OVAM, ALBO, OWD, etc.)
  • See also innovations SELI.

The food industry is a highly diversified sector which requires expertise adapted to every product.

Sanitary conditions throughout the logistics chain are key for preserving the quality of the products. SELI implements the logistical resources, in optimal cleanliness conditions, for the transport of your foodstuffs: cereals (wheat, corn, barley, sorghum, sunflower, soybean, poppy), animal feed (oilseed cakes, alfalfa, sugar beet pulp, pellets, brewers’ grains, fodder, etc.), fruit and vegetables (potatoes, apples, etc.), seeds.

  • We ensure a service delivery that strictly meets all the cleanliness requirements. Please consult the list of our different QUALIMAT-FCA certified branches
  • We ensure that safety instructions are scrupulously adhered to by our drivers and partners.
  • The organization we implement helps respect the deadlines relating to your contracts.

Efficiency and punctuality are the watchwords of industrial logistics:

  • We provide you with transport solutions for your supply and dispatch flows while guaranteeing exemplary safety.
  • As managing “just in time” strategies is a key feature of your production system, we integrate your requirements into our process.
  • We also propose “last minute” solutions for your emergencies.
  • Clinker, chemicals, ferroalloys, carbon, semi-finished products, etc. we deliver your bulk products to your operating sites while respecting the applicable cleanliness requirements.
  • Find out about our solutions for your “liquid chemicals” flows
  • And our solutions for your technical liquids.

From the source, the port, to the operating site, we transport your energy and fuel supplies (coal, petroleum coke, sawdust, wood, cereal husks, hard coal, lignite, seed waste, etc.):

  • Flexibility according to your schedule and volumes.
  • Just-in-time supply flows.
  • Flexibility when your transport flows vary (port of import).

We insist upon compliance with safety guidelines at all times. Our SELI safety protocols include the guidelines relating to industrial sites and are complemented by your specific instructions.

Quartz, clay, pebbles, salt, aggregates, pozzolana, kaolin, sand, etc.: we optimize the transport of your minerals, taking into account your schedule requirements and the need for a precise schedule.
Our network helps us rapidly mobilize substantial resources.

Construction companies: outsourcing the organization of your flows helps you optimize your logistics, with quality and information management guarantees that are vital to your performance. Put your trust in SELI, an experienced partner.

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