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CSR commitments become concrete action

#Sustainable Forestry


Over 200,000 pines have been planted in the Gascogne Landes forest through the Sustainable Forestry commitment, launched in 2011. The concept is that for every 100 tonnes transported, SELI plants a pine tree on the client’s behalf. This allows us to offset part of our CO2 emissions and preserve an essential forest in our region. The initiative was inspired by the damage wreaked on the forest by Storm Klaus in January 2009, at a time when the scars left by Storm Martin in 1999 could still be seen. See more details on our dedicated page:


#LOGIFI SELI Ethics Charter

Because we want to build a serene and sustainable future while remaining at the top of our game, our CSR strategy is based on three core values: respect (for people and the environment), listening and trust. Our Ethics Charter reflects this and transcribes this culture of “well-being at work together”, by ensuring respect for human rights and our planet and expounding our responsibilities with regard to safety, the integration of young people, confidentiality and data security. To find out more,  consult our Ethics Charter here, signed by all the women and men who make up our group.


#Work-Study Programmes and Apprenticeships

All newcomers to SELI are welcomed with a tailored induction programme that allows us to make sure we get off to a good start. In addition, we have made apprenticeships and work-study programmes a genuine part of our recruitment policy. The majority of our work-study students and apprentices stay on and pursue their careers in the group.


#CSR Commitment


Alongside SELI’s ECOVADIS assessment, the Management has expressed its desire to formalise its actions in a CSR strategy and share it with all the men and women who make up the group. The Management’s formal commitment was written and distributed in December 2020 and presents the way in which SELI takes account of and acts for sustainability issues in the social, economic and environmental spheres. See the commitment:



#Voluntary Environmental Commitment – EVE #EVCOM #Environment

At the end of 2020, we decided to join ADEME’s Voluntary Commitment for the Environment movement (freight forwarders section – EVcom) in order to raise awareness about this programme among hauliers and clients, promote a sustainable approach to transport purchasing among our shippers (FRET 21 Commitment), and prioritise the use of chartered or certified hauliers (“Objective CO2” Commitment for hauliers).

The EVcom charter guides freight forwarders in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their transport and logistics activities. Companies make a three-year commitment and benefit from free operational tools to assess emissions, as well as a tried-and-tested methodology and personalized support to monitor the progress made. The scheme was set up in 2019 and is part of the EVE programme.

The EVE programme (Voluntary Commitments for the Environment – Transport and Logistics) supports all companies in reducing the energy and environmental impact of their transport and logistics activities. The different schemes of the EVE programme are FRET21, EVcom and Objectif CO2. For more information, visit:                                                                 



In December 2020, SELI was awarded the ECOVADIS silver medal with an overall score of 54/100. These initial results reflect the impact of our long-standing commitments, which are anchored in our DNA.

See the full article on ECOVADIS at

Our 2020 results on the criteria for the Environment (50/100), Society and Human Rights (60/100) and Ethics (60/100) encourage us to go even further in our commitment. Progress must be made on the Responsible Purchasing criterion (30/100). We are aware that our core business, haulage, necessarily requires that we look for innovations and drive positive initiatives as a freight forwarder. Progress is being made in this area, for example with SG Energies:

All the group’s subsidiaries are successfully following this approach!

In April 2021, LOTRAFF France received a score of 60/100 and was awarded the silver medal (Environment 50/100 – Society and Human Rights 70/100 – Ethics 50/100).

SELIWOOD was awarded the gold medal at the start of September 2022 with a score of 72/100 (Environment: 70/100 – Society and Human Rights: 70/100 – Ethics: 80/100).



# Climate fresco

In June 2021, the head office teams and the CODIR took part in a workshop entitled Climate Fresco to understand and reflect on the consequences of climate change and how to help limit them. The workshop included times for reflection, brainstorming and discussion on courses of action, such as choosing subcontractors based on their environmental commitments and raising awareness among clients or, for office life, carpooling, cycling, reducing travel by using video conferencing, improving waste management and good habits (turning off lights, PCs, screens, reducing the use of air conditioning and heating, etc.).

This fresco marks the start of the Carbon Footprint assessment for the whole group.



At the start of the year, we joined forces with Ecotree to give trees to our most valued customers, amounting to a total of 178 oak trees!

Unexpectedly, the project grew into a more personal commitment from the group which is now the owner of a small forest of 71 oak trees in Mayenne, in addition to the pines in the Landes! This is very positive because it is fully in line with our values and culture. It also encouraged all our staff to take part. There are considerable benefits to this action: by investing in tree planting or forestry management throughout the life cycle of a tree, we are helping to support the French forest ecosystem, preserve biodiversity, produce oxygen and capture CO2. Our desire is to nurture this project to help it grow to be like its older brother, the Sustainable Forestry commitment.


#Sustainable Purchasing Policy

The consideration of our impact and responsibilities starts with our choice of service providers. In 2021, we began a collaboration for our management software with Zeendoc, who offer a low carbon digital EDMS solution:

In addition to the waste management at our head offices in St André, entrusted to “Solutions Recyclage”, we extended this service to all our sites in France by contacting the company ELISE, which plays an active role in protecting the environment while creating local and sustainable employment for people with professional integration difficulties and/or disabilities.  



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