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Bulk liquids – Tanks

Do you need to transport bulk products?

Process control, safety and accuracy are the key features of transport in tanks. This is why we mobilize a team of experts dedicated to these activities. They ensure compliance with quality standards and continuous improvement processes (responsiveness, compliance with schedules, monitoring of loading and unloading operations, safety guidelines anticipation and control).

With our tested and proven expertise we can rapidly implement optimal transport solutions while respecting quality processes.
One and multi compartment tanks, stainless steel, insulated and compressible tank trucks: we provide you with techniques and tanks adapted to your products while guaranteeing their preservation.

Food tankers

Food tankers transport your liquid and powdered products designed for human (fruit juices, oil, milk, milk powder, wine, eggs, glucose, etc.) or animal consumption (lyzine, etc.) in optimal hygiene conditions while respecting your deadlines and schedules.

Sanitation procedures are followed rigorously for each transport in accordance with your specifications and applicable standards.

We ensure a service delivery that strictly meets all the cleanliness requirements. Please consult the list of our different QUALIMAT-FCA certified branches

Our European network and knowledge of national legislations means we can transport your goods long-distance across Europe while respecting the life cycle of your foodstuffs.

Transport in food tank is managed by our subsidiary SELI PROTRANS

See also solution solid bulk food.

Chemical tanks

Safety is our number one concern and, as such, is an integral part of our process.

Soap, paraffin, solvent, biofuel, lubricant, base oils, etc.: your deliveries are organized taking into account your delivery times and schedules.

We provide chemical tanks for the long-distance transport of your specific bulk liquids across Europe.

Appropriate washing operations are performed in approved washing and wastewater treatment stations.

See also solution industry.

Technical tanks

We transport your non-food and non-hazardous liquids: fertilizer, animal fat, recycled oil, wastewater, etc. We adapt to your specific needs by providing you with dedicated tanks.

See also solution Combustibles and Minerals.

Dedicated tanks

We use powder tanks dedicated to your flows to provide you with a customized service.

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