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Presentation and History

As a freight forwarder established in 1987,

SELI provides its customers with optimized
transport solutions.

Our development
in figures
(€ million)
per year
per year
2016 52,56 0,88 2,97 2,1 21 223
2015 51,8 0,78 2,63 2 20 395
2014 48 0,82 2,25 1,8 18 290
2013 43 0,70 2,96 1,7 17000
2012 36 0,63 2,84 1,5 15000

Our litigation rate is lower than 0.01%
Our team has grown by 18% in 3 years.


Creation of SELI by Nicole Pizzamiglia, with 17 employees in 4 branches: Blaye (33), Bayonne (64), Nantes (44) and Boulogne-sur-mer (62). The ambition was to provide a standardized service across the French territory, then in Europe.
Creation of the Sète branch, offices purchased in the port of Sète.
Creation of the LOGIFI Holding Company and TECHNILOG subsidiary, in charge of logistics services and renting activities. Creation of a branch in Lyon.
Laurent Pizzamiglia was appointed Managing Director of the group.
Creation of another subsidiary, SELI-EST, with the SOGEMA partner (France’s number one player in solid bulk handling and storage).
Development of the exclusive powder tank renting activity to respond to our customers’ growing demands.
Acquisition of transport organization company OLLIVIER, which became SELI-EST, based in Châlons-en-Champagne, a company essentially involved in packaged products, maritime transport and logistics.
Construction of offices in Montoir-de-Bretagne in the port’s agri-food area.
Purchase of offices and a packaged goods storage warehouse in Châlons-en-Champagne.
Development of sea transit activities, with new destinations such as Korea, Peru, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates.
Creation of Piing” in June, a subsidiary responsible for managing the group’s IT tools and searching for innovative solutions.
The group celebrated its 20th anniversary in September. Launch of the Private Customer Area on the website.
Creation of a division in charge of long-distance national or international transport in chemical tanks.
In January, inauguration of the first foreign subsidiary, “SELTI”, based in the heart of the Tarragona commercial port (Catalonia).
In December, the group moved from its original address in Blaye to its newly built head office in Saint André de Cubzac.
SELI-EST in La Veuve (51) took over the business and warehouse of the IDEAL INTER Company, a customs broker operating a bonded warehouse.
Opening of “SELI GmbH” on the banks of the Rhine in Mannheim (D).
Implementation of a three-year tipper trailer purchase plan.
SELI-EST changed its name and logo on its 10th anniversary to become SELFI. The “F” for Forwarding Agency confirms our expertise in all modes of transport, sea and air transit, customs declaration and warehousing, etc.
With a view to providing an even more comprehensive range of services, we created the SELI OVERSEAS subsidiary to operate the group’s maritime activities.
To simplify our line of services in France: SELFI disappeared as SELI took over its activity. SELI proposes a Bulk Road transport service in Europe and SELI OVERSEAS proposes sea Transit and Chartering services throughout the world. 60 tipper trailers skip are at your disposal. The Rouen and Lyon branches moved into new, bigger offices.
Integration PROTRANS to the group, thereby strengthening the tank activity.

We will write the future chapters with you.

The Seli Group climbs above the mark of 50 million Euros in turnover and of 150 subcontractors. The Overseas Department represents 12.5 % of the total activity

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